Koll was formed by the four remaining members of our former band Catnap. The intent was to start co-composing and -producing all our material as opposed to Catnap’s single-composer process.

For me Koll has been a big step in evolving from just a composer to also a functioning member of a band. When we did Catnap, I personally composed the majority of all parts… hell − I even drew a crude outline for the drums (though I wouldn’t dream of composing anything as complicated as my brother’s insane drum licks). With Koll the intention was straight from the beginning to get all of us involved with as many processes as possible. That even included mix and master.

But why Koll? The meaning of the Estonian word ‘koll’ is ‘monster’. In a broad sense there are monsters (something fearful) everywhere and conceptually you could find a general or personal monster in every single track we produce. But we write about fears rather than just ugly stuff, so it’s nothing like a shock-culture project. We’re conceptual and artsy, though still trying to fit in some kind of contemporary rock/metal scene.

So far we’re out with 3 singles over 3 years, which is definitely too little, but there’s more to come this year, so stay tuned!

Koll is:

Björn Norralt (lead vocal; guitar)
Brain Norralt (drums)
Silver Vrait (guitar)
Lennart Pihl (bass guitar)


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