I’ve gained almost 20 years of experience in composing film music for student shorts and animations. Many of the films have received numerous mentions at prestigious student film festivals and even I myself have one beautiful trophy standing proud on my shelf.

The 20-year milestone ahead next year doesn’t of course mean that I’ve produced only the most pro level and perfect scores over that time − it’s been a process really. The first attempts were surely crude and I should in all honesty have to be hopeful, that no film producer ever sets their eyes on them. But I myself really cherish every single film I’ve composed for, mostly for the experience and lessons, that have brought me to today’s level of professionalism.

Becoming a film composer

My journey as a composer began as a 9-year-old kid when I began experimenting with music on my dad’s computer. Mostly self-taught I got a lot of help and tips from my dad, who was also a musician up until the early 90’s. At the age of 16 I began learning the guitar, which became my main instrument for composing. At the same time I also began recording my singer-songwriter songs, which lead to the first attempts in producing and mixing music. By now I’ve composed hundreds of songs, though only a small portion of it all has been published.

My interest in composing for film began when in 2002 I was asked for some of my music for an amateur indie film “Maagu” by my friends. This was a truly crude soundtrack for a really crude film attempt by teenagers, but for me it’s an important milestone, leading to an important career choice. Soon after that film I began composing for my friend’s student theater. Also two more student films were added to my portfolio before I got into Baltic Film and Media School in 2010. Although I didn’t finish the school, I continued to compose and create sound for student films, thanks to the new aquaintances and experience. I also found my first clients then.  The curriculum didn’t give me a lot in sense of actual mixing skills, that I had hoped for, but it was extremely important for getting a greater understanding in film and video as a medium. In 2018 I also began composing for student films by the animation students in Estonian Academy of Arts. That was a major turning point for me, because the enormous creative possibilities of animation just suits my style. Animation has now become my specialty in film sound and music. Next to film music I have also been composing and playing in bands, which has further widened my style range and instrumental abilities.


Film Music Portfolio


    • „Maagu“ (dir. Andres Jakovlev; amateur short; 2002)
    • Music for various plays by Andres Jakovlev’s student theater troup „Kruvikeeraja“ (including a musical form) (2003-2008)
    • „Fix the dormitories“ (dir. Toomas Sääs; short documentary; 2006)„Daydreaming“ (dir. Elina Litvinova; music composed in collaboration with Maria Reinup; fashion student film; 2009)
    • Magician Fred-Erik Johanson’s magic shows (2009-2014)
    • „Clarity“ (dir. Piibe Pai; student film; 2010)
    • Promotional video for University of Tallinn Student Union (dir. Toomas Sääs; 2010)
    • „Solitude“ (dir. Björn Norralt; student film; 2010)
    • Üksindus / solitude from Björn Norralt on Vimeo.
    • „Big Man Games“ (dir. Peep Plasko; student film; 2011)
    • „White Domino“ (dir. Eva Kübar; student film; 2012)
    • „Ellawood“ (dir. Doris Tääker; student film; 2012)
    • „Always is Always“ (dir. Tõnis Lepik; documentary; 2012) Title for best Estonian documentary!
    • „Kevad à la Carte“ (dir. Doris Tääker; student musical film; 2013)
    • Promotional video for „Sleepwalkers“ film festival (2014)
    • „Life Like in a Paradise“ production cut (dir. Jaan Penjam; student film; 2013)
    • „Dragonels Promotion Video“ (dir. Björn Norralt; promovideo; 2015)
    • „Air“ (r dir. Marta Pulk; student architecture film; 2015) Best of BFM reward for best sound design/music!
    • „Maal“ („At the Countryside“; official single; 2015)
    • „Snowgirl“ (dir. Ilina Perianova; student film; 2016)
    • „Joker“ (music album of a heavy metal band Catnap; 2016)
    • „Murder in a Hotel“ (dir. Tormi Torop; student film; 2017)
    • „Golden Reignette“ (dir. Liis Kokk; student animation film; 2018)
    • „Armastus“ („Love“; official single; 2018)
    • „Granny Mary“ (dir. Lisa Scharf; student animation film; 2019)
    • „Hound Out“ (dir. Anna Lauretta Eespere; student animation film; 2019)
    • „EnLIGHTenment“ (dir. Sofiya Ilieva; student animation film; 2019)
    • „A Kiss for a Dead Man“ (dir. Anna Dvornik; student animation film; 2020)
    • „Don’t Go“ (dir. Kaia Sinilaid; student animation film; 2020)
    • „Wolf“ (dir. Sandra Vesman; student animation film; 2020)
    • „TalTech Museum 50“ (dir. Martinus Klemet; promotional animation film; 2021)
    • „Bird to a Nest“ (dir. Anu Kadri Uustalu; student animation film; 2021)
    • „Flat’n’Round“ (dir. Saverio Madis Santostasi; student animation film; 2021)
    • „Phantasmare“ (dir. Anna Dvornik, Sofja Gorelova; student animation film; 2021
    • „Victory is Mine“ (dir. Ariel Genrihov; student animation film; 2022)