With a few short films in my portfolio as a composer, I applied for Baltic Film and Media School and was accepted. Although I decided to drop out, the experience and new acquaintances would help me make film sound and film music a career choice.

In retrospect I would say that the most important influence BFM had on me, was getting to understand film and video on a broader scale. In the first year we had studies in directing, editing, cinematography and screenwriting, as well as film history. All that was really important for me, as I had acquired many practical skills in sound and music, but hadn’t really familiarized myself with the overall canvas.

Also, in a way I actually continued school, though I had dropped out, as I continued making sound as well as compose for student films, for the experience in practical skills. I started working in the field as soon as I dropped out, mostly as a boom operator, but I also got some projects as a sound designer and composer for documentaries.

The biggest step forward was probably the moment I began producing sound (and music) for student animation films for the Estonian Academy of Arts. I had always taken a big interest in animation sound due to the enormous creative possibilities. From 2018 forward animation sound has been my specialty in the field.


Film Sound Portfolio


  • „Cure for Diseases“ target=”_blank” rel=”noopener” (dir. Raul Viitung; indie feature; 2011)
  • „Dances of Men“ (dir. Auri Jürna; student film; 2011)
  • „Fourth“ (dir. Liis Lepik; documentary; 2011)
  • „White Domino“ (dir. Eva Kübar; student film; 2012)
  • „The paradise of Baltic station“ (dir. Liis Lepik; TV documentary; 2013)
  • „Kevad à la Carte“ (dir. Doris Tääker; student musical film; 2013)
  • Clip from a collection „2084: Memory Cramps“ (dir. Doris Tääker; student film; 2013)
  • „Life Like in a Paradise“ production cut (dir. Jaan Penjam; student film; 2013)
  • „Gamer’s Death“ (dir. Kristjan Bobkov; student animation film; 2013)
  • „This Must be Love“ (dir. Morten Tšinakov; student animation film; 2014)
  • „Air“ (dir. Marta Pulk; student architecture film; 2015) Best of BFM reward for best sound design/music!
  • „Boogers“ (dir. Risto Kütt; student animation film; 2015)
  • „Golden Reignette“ (dir. Liis Kokk; student animation film; 2018)
  • „Food Chain“ (dir. Mari Kivi, Liis Kokk; student animation film; 2018)
  • „The Butterfly Effect“ (dir. Mari Kask; student animation film; 2019)
  • „Granny Mary“ (dir. Lisa Scharf; student animation film; 2019)
  • „Hound Out“ (dir. Anna Lauretta Eespere; student animation; 2019)
  • „EnLIGHTenment“ (dir. Sofiya Ilieva; student animation film; 2019)
  • „Not funny“ (dir. Helo Irik; student animation film; 2020)
  • „Touché“ (dir. Sofja Gorelova; student animation film; 2020)
  • „A Kiss for a Dead Man“ (dir. Anna Dvornik; student animation film; 2020)
  • „Don’t Go“ (dir. Kaia Sinilaid; student animation film; 2020)
  • „Cat’s Eye“ (dir. Anna Dvornik; student animation film; 2020)
  • „Wolf“ (dir. Sandra Vesman; student animation film; 2020)
  • „TalTech Museum 50“ (dir. Martinus Klemet; promotional animation film; 2021)
  • „Second Breakfast“ (dir. Lukas Winter; student animation film; 2021)
  • „Bird to a Nest“ (dir. Anu Kadri Uustalu; student animation film; 2021)
  • „Flat’n’Round“ (dir. Saverio Madis Santostasi; sound collab with Lennart Pihl; student animation film; 2021)
  • „Phantasmare“ (dir. Anna Dvornik, Sofja Gorelova; student animation film; 2021)
  • „Bugs“ (dir. Kaia Sinilaid; student animation film; 2021)
  • „Dog, Dog, Problem, Dog“ (dir. John F. Quirk; student animation film; 2021)
  • „Victory is Mine“ (dir. Ariel Genrihov; student animation film; 2022)